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Large Order Discounts

10% OFF when ordering 2 miniatures!

20% OFF when ordering 3 or more miniatures!

Large Order Discounts

    Printing Service

    Order physical resin prints of your model files here! Printed and shipped from Estonia.

    Details on shipping here.

    Fill out the form to get a quote for your order. Guidelines for pricing are found below.

    Link to the form

    Maximum size and material properties

    Currently, we are able to print models with sizes up to 160 x 130 x 80 mm (HxWxD). For larger models, printing in multiple parts is available. Maximum printing volume is expected to rise in the future.

    We print models out of photopolymer resin, with a XY pixel accuracy of 0.035 mm and layer height (Z accuracy) of 0.05 mm, we can print with layer height of down to 0.01 mm, but such prints will be more expensive, due to the extra time and calibration required.

    The colour of the model is not specific by default, if you have preferences of colour and/or specific resin types, let us know in the form. If you have questions about specific material properties of the resin used, send us a message through our contact form.

    Pricing reference

    Take note that this is only a reference, the price for each order will be manually determined based on the size, amount and complexity of the models!

    For example, ordering multiple model prints at once will be cheaper than individually ordering the models. Complex models with need for complex supports will be a bit pricier, while models with little or no supports needed will be a bit cheaper than standard models. 

    Standard 28/32 mm scale miniature (D&D Normal size), usually with 25 mm base, height up to 35 mm. 6 €

    Large 28/32 mm scale miniature (D&D Large size), usually with 50 mm base, height up to 65 mm.

    15 €
    Huge 28/32 mm scale miniature (D&D Huge size), usually with 75 mm base, height up to 120 mm. 39 €


    Primer coat reference

    Primer coat reference